The secret to any great wine is starting with quality ingredients.  To ensure we have consistently superior honey we raise the bees ourselves.  Happy bees means amazing honey.

Our Bees

Our new Facility boasts a gift shop stocked with many uniquely Humboldt items. From Humboldt Hot Sauce to Ewe So Dirty, you can take a taste of Humboldt home with you. 

Let it Bee Mead


Mead or Honey Wine as we call it is the oldest known fermented beverage.  Once called the Drink of Kings and The Nectar of the Gods, it is now an art form.  Our wine is uniquely Humboldt made in the Scottish Traditions.  See a full list of our wines here.

Call for reservations - +1.7075997973.  We are open Wed-Sat 3-8pm, Sunday-Tuesday by appointment.

Gift Ideas