Whats in a Name.  Well if you're talking about our Feisty, the Name says it all.  A delightful blend of Wildflower honey, pears, ginger and Habanero peppers.  Not to worry the heat is very subtle but the flavor is amazing.  serve slightly chilled with cheeses, dried fruits and nut.  My personal favorite is a glass of Feisty with New York Cheese Cake.

Amazing bouquet with notes of honey, rose, hazelnut and vanilla.  this Classic Dry Scottish Mead is aged in American and French oak for a combination fo flavors not found in other Meads.  Simple and complex flavors play across your pallet changing as the wine warms in your mouth.

You can describe Meloncholy in two words:  Summer Time!  Served ice cold on Hot Summer day and a mint leaf in the glass and you are set.  This wine carries strong notes of watermelon and is hearty enough to be poured over ice.  

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know what Blackberry Cobbler is.  This mead is a blend of late season wildflower honey, wild blackberries and Madagascar vanilla beans.  Sweet on the tip of the tongue with a dry finish with just enough tartness to let you know its real blackberries.  Serve room temp or slightly chilled. pair with grilled meats and veggies or a nice warm fudge brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

If you like Cider, you are going to love our Cyser.  Cyser is an ancient Celtic recipe blending Honey with apple juice.  we use raw wildflower honey and fresh pressed apple juice from Feisty Dog Orchards.  This is a sweet wine with notes of crisp apples and hazelnut.  Best when served slightly chilled. perfect with roast pork, short ribs or anything BBQ.d.

This is where it all started.  A wonderful mead made from wildflower honey. This mead can be traced back to Scotland as far back as the 1300's.  Sweet and full bodied yet light and bright on the pallet.  Serve at room temperature for the best experience.  Pairs well with savory dishes, spicy foods and lighter seafood.  My personal favorite is a glass of Traditional Sweet and Baja style fish tacos.